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Blue-headed nest builder

Back in May, I had a favorite trail in the woods where I photographed much of my warbler reference. It was there that I found this blue-headed vireo hard at work. The triangular nest was just taking shape, strung with spiderweb and suspended wood chips and lichen. For a time, the call of this vireo outnumbered the call of the more ubiquitous red-eyed vireo. Then it faded, and the birds were much more difficult to find in late spring. If you know the “here I am, where are you?” mnemonic of the red-eyed’s call, just listen closely for a slightly slower tempo. Listen to the blue-eyed vireo’s songs and calls here. Populations of blue-headed vireos are a rare success story, as their numbers have doubled since 1970. The estimated global breeding population is 13 million individuals.

Blue-headed nest builder is an 8" x 8" acrylic painted on a wood panel.

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