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New for 2024: Painting big.

American Oystercatcher painting in process

Back in 2020, after I left the Orvis Company, I spent a few days stretching four big 3 x 5 foot canvases, and priming them with gesso. They sat in my studio for three years. After returning to my painting life full time, and producing over 60 smaller acrylic paintings, I'm finally ready to put those canvases into production.


As I wrap up 2023, I committed to a new approach: a life size painting from this year’s trip to Cape May. It’s still far from complete, but I’m making a little progress every day. It is so liberating to use a big brush, and paint with my whole arm.

Specifically, I did two smaller paintings of the oystercatcher in preparation for this big piece.

oystercatcher #2_edited.jpg

I’m not sure where I'll show it or how I'll price it, but for now I'm just super excited to be working large again. It would be fun to show all three pieces together as a series. Stay tuned for the finishing frames of the video above. I will update as the work progresses. For now, I have a commissioned piece that needs my attention, but I hope to be back on the large canvas soon.

Happy new year from FishCrow Studio!

— Tim Achor-Hoch

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