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Sanderlings in the surf: a series of four paintings on canvas

Painting these birds was a discovery of color, value, and form. All the colors in the birds are found in the background. There is also repetition in the rounded forms of the waves, the foam, and the bodies of these little shorebirds. At a glance, there is almost no distinction between the birds on the right and the roiling foam and waves. They even move together, following the back-and-forth rhythms of the ebb and flow of the waves. Sanderlings have done this dance in this environment for hundreds of millions of years—a span of time too big for my small mind to fathom.

These were the last paintings I did on stretched canvas. Since then, I've switched to wood panels, which give the images a different textured surface. I still have a bunch of canvas, and I'll be switching back again when the mood hits me.

The top painting and the bottom painting have sold, but the two in the middle are still for sale on my originals page. They measure 10 x 20 inches, and are painted on stretched canvas with a depth of one inch.

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