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Windy warbler in yellow

on a blustery spring morning

This has been a good year for the yellow warbler. The sweet song and flash of yellow was by far my most frequent warbler sighting. Of course they’re still out there, and still singing through the summer, but they are no longer advertising for mates. Instead they are sitting tight, defining territory, and watching over perhaps their second brood of nestlings.

They usually appear so streamlined and compact—this bird looks like Marilyn standing on a steam grate. It was clinging to a branch next to the Indian River that was dramatically waving in the wind.

Just off the easel, this acrylic measures 8 x 8 inches, and like all my birds, it was painted at life size. It was rendered on a wood panel that is side finished and measures 7/8" deep. This painting sold shortly after I posted it.

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