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Yellow-warbling spring

Spring in finally here. After a snowy finish to winter, we had a short three-day heat wave with temperatures hitting the low 90s. The snow is gone, and the sunlight on the fields lights up a shocking chartreuse landscape. While the buds are coming on strong now, the bare purple branches are the perfect color backdrop to the vibrant yellow of these little warblers.

I’ve always loved purple and green together. Analogous colors, they sit side by side on the color wheel, sharing a dose of blue between them. Throwing the chartreuse field out of focus helped create what someone recently called an electric palette. Add to this riot of color the “sweet sweet little more sweet” call of the yellow warbler, and I know that I am in love with Vermont.

Yellow warbling spring is an acrylic painted on a 16 x 16-inch wood panel. Along with 28 other originals, it’s for sale now here.

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